Through my years as a woodworker, I have created a variety of utility pieces such as tables, chairs, bowls, cabinets, full kitchen cabinets, and bedside tables, just to name a few. I am experienced in many aspects of the design and creation of a fairly wide spectrum of products. 

I enjoy using hand tools to create joinery when building a drawer with Dovetails. But I also embrace more modern techniques to accomplish my goal of "The highest quality product possible". I am always experimenting with new techniques and methods to find the best way possible to accomplish my vision.  

My passion is taking an idea from the "tree" to the end product. That process can be a lengthy one but with great rewards. Each piece deserves and receives my very best attention. You expect the highest quality and I will deliver. That is my personal promise to you.

When I receive an order for a commissioned piece I begin by working with you to fully understand exactly what you desire. You may use my gallery for ideas or examples to help determine your final product, Large or small,  simple or intricate. I will do my best to deliver the piece you have in mind.


We begin by taking all aspects of each project into consideration when choosing our wood.



    We choose our wood according to our end product. We may choose the long straight run of an Oak tree or the transparency of a Tulip Poplar tree.



      We creatively inspect our logs to determine what direction to go. We may mill the log for slab lumber or block it off for bowls.



        Blocked bowl logs don't dry long. These are ready to be cut into bowl blanks.


          THE SAME TREE

          Many of our pieces require that all of the wood for the project be derived from the same log. 


            BOWL BLANK

            Your Bowl may have come from this Bowl Blank. We choose each blank based on the design of our next bowl.


              DRY TIME

              After the log is sawn into rough boards it must be dried. Dry time can be as long as 2 years or more for some species and thicknesses.


                SLAB LUMBER

                These lumber slabs will either be a "Live Edge" bench or table top or possibly an elegent cabinet, bedside table or dining table.


                  WASTE WOOD

                  No wood ever goes to waste here. We burn "off cuts" for heat and utilize wood shavings for pathways and chicken bedding.